Housing Environment

Housing Environment


The journal " Środowisko Mieszkaniowe - Housing Environment" was established in 2003 and is a peer-reviewed scientific publication issued in a bilingual form (Polish-English). The thematic scope of the journal revolves around housing issues in urban and architectural design within the context of the housing environment, understood as a place of residence within the natural and cultural environment. The journal features research on urban and architectural space, including theoretical works, experiments, designs, and implementations. These articles comprehensively address issues related to shaping the housing environment, considering architectural and spatial values, health aspects, technological eco-friendly solutions, as well as social and psychological factors associated with the surroundings.


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Publish date: 2023

Editor-in-Chief: Wacław Seruga

Issue content

Wacław Seruga

Housing Environment, 42/2023, 2023, pp. 3 - 3

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