About eJournals

Welcome to the new eJournals. Scientific Journals Online!

eJournals. Scientific Journals Online is a place of presentation, promotion and dissemination of high-quality scientific content.

The main goal of eJournals is to collect and effectively disseminate high-quality scientific content from various fields of knowledge. The strategic aim of our venture is to create the most important place in Poland and a significant one in the world for the presentation and promotion of scientific content.

These goals are achieved through our JMS application; extensive international cooperation; indexing of articles in national and international scientific databases; and active distribution of journals online, as well as strategies to build the high position of eJournals and the journals published here in both the national and international scientific circulation. Special emphasis is placed on the high quality of the presented journals implementing high international standards.

All journals published on the eJournals are pre-reviewed and meet high international editorial requirements and the criteria of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Each journal has its own website and is indexed in international databases.