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Only archive content is available. The journal has ended the publication of new content.

Jagiellonian Journal of Management

The Jagiellonian Journal of Management  is the English-language scientific journal appearing online on a quarterly basis and is devoted to contemporary issues of management in Poland and abroad.
The mission of this journal is the exchange and integration of views and experiences in the field of wide-ranging problems of modern management. On its pages, scientists, researchers and practitioners undertake discussions on:
  • development and results of the application of modern concepts, methods and management tools,
  • domain-specific management problems (including, for example, marketing, logistics, finance, human resource management),
  • strategy and management processes in organizations from different sectors.

The Jagiellonian Journal of Management is addressed not only to the academic environment, but also to managers interested in best practices on current concepts, methods and tools necessary for the functioning of organizations in various sectors.

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