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Volume 52, Issue 4

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Publication date: 28.01.2014


Acta Protozoologica - International Journal on Protistology - is a quarterly journal that publishes current and comprehensive, experimental, and theoretical contributions across the breadth of protistology, and cell biology of Eukaryote microorganisms including: behaviour, biochemistry and molecular biology, development, ecology, genetics, parasitology, physiology, photobiology, systematics and phylogeny, and ultrastructure. It publishes original research reports, critical reviews of current research written by invited experts in the field, short communications, book reviews, and letters to the Editor.

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Editorial team

Editor-in-Chief Krzysztof Wiąckowski Orcid

Issue content

Helge Abildhauge Thomsen, Jette Buch Østergaard, Mikal Heldal

Acta Protozoologica, Volume 52, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 237 - 256

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Daniele Corsaro, Julia Walochnik, Danielle Venditti, Karl-Dieter Müller, Rolf Michel

Acta Protozoologica, Volume 52, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 273 - 281

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Julia M. Malysh, Yuri S. Tokarev, Natalia V. Sitnicova, Vyacheslav V. Martemyanov, Andrei N. Frolov, Irma V. Issi

Acta Protozoologica, Volume 52, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 299 - 308

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Nikhil Buduma, Jenny Balabanian, Pranati Dalvi, Soo-Khee Chia, Ashreet Dhaliwal, Dany Eliya, John Boothby, Shannon Bros-Seemann, Ruthann Kibler, Sami Khuri, Sally Veregge

Acta Protozoologica, Volume 52, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 317 - 323

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Jacob Lorenzo-Morales, María Valladares, Jaione Sancho, María Reyes-Batllé, Carmen M. Martín-Navarro, Atteneri López-Arencibia, Ana C. González, Luis López-Medina, José E. Piñero, Enrique Martínez-Carretero, Basilio Valladares

Acta Protozoologica, Volume 52, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 325 - 329

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