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Problematyka oświatowa na łamach czasopisma „Krakus” (1891–1895)

Data publikacji: 2018

Rocznik Biblioteki Naukowej PAU i PAN, 2018, Rok LXIII (2018), s. 255 - 265


Katarzyna Rogozińska
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Educational issues in the periodical ‘Krakus’ (1891–1895)

In the first half of the 19th century Galicia was the first partition zone in which educational societies were established with the aim of disseminating learning and culture. The second half of the century, in turn, saw the rise on a larger scale of magazines which for less educated people  were often the basic source of information. They were predominantly conservative in character and most of them dealt with religious subjects. Articles discussed the issues of interest to the people living in the Galician countryside. These were in large measure social, political and also cultural subjects. One of such periodicals was the ‘Krakus’ weekly, which appeared in Cracow from 1891 to 1895. It popularized the works of contemporary young poets of peasant descent. Furthermore, the periodical published articles dealing with political and social matters as well as science; it also included puzzles and articles devoted to the dissemination of practical information which the readers could use in their work on the land and in their everyday lives. Analysis of the ‘Krakus’ contents allows one to note that the magazine included educational elements as well, that for peasants it was a treasure trove of information and an excellent source of knowledge of history and religion. We may state that ‘Krakus’ provided a very wide-ranging education and edification for the Galician peasants



Informacje: Rocznik Biblioteki Naukowej PAU i PAN, 2018, s. 255 - 265

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Educational issues in the periodical ‘Krakus’ (1891–1895)

Publikacja: 2018

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