P. M. S. Hacker on Emotions, Passions, and Human Nature

Publication date: 29.11.2021

ORGANON, 2021, Volume 53, pp. 129 - 144



Robert Zaborowski
Institute for the History of Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
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The paper is a discussion of P. M. S. Hacker, The Passions: A Study of Human Nature (2018). After a general presentation of the book I mostly focus on its first part, which deals with categories and concepts essential to the philosophy of the emotions. Next I pass on to two subsequent parts of the book devoted to particular emotions. After a brief overview I say more, by way of exemplification, on the chapter on love. I end with a final assessment.


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Information: ORGANON, 2021, pp. 129 - 144

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P. M. S. Hacker on Emotions, Passions, and Human Nature


Institute for the History of Science, Polish Academy of Sciences

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