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Anny Treiderowej „Kabaret pod zdechłym kornikiem”

Data publikacji: 2021

Rocznik Biblioteki Naukowej PAU i PAN, 2021, Rok LXVI (2021), s. 161 - 176



Karolina Grodziska
Biblioteka Naukowa PAU i PAN w Krakowie
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Anna Treider’s “Kabaret pod Zdechłym Kornikiem

The presented text is the 1963 edition of the work by Anna Treider nee Ogrodzińska (1921–1982), an art historian who had been working in our Library for many years and was also a director of its Special Collections Department. After taking up the job in 1952, she shortly became one of the Polish most acclaimed experts in the field of European Graphics and also a lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, as well as the author of numerous graphic exhibitions.
This forgotten text titled “Kabaret pod Zdechłym Kornikiem”, preserved among her personal documents, is currently included in our Library manuscripts (signature 13 066). It is a humorous piece written under the pen name Akwatinta Kolofon. The characters are both the author’s library colleagues and visitors as well as the principal, Zbigniew Jabłoński. The text contains some elements of the now forgotten work reality of that time, and records the atmosphere of an institution of culture in the times of the Polish People’s Republic. It is also an interesting testimony of the librarians’ intellectual formation, e.g. the passion for K. I. Gałczyński’s poetry or reading the “Przekrój” magazine. It not only proves the author’s learning and sense of humour but also demonstrates her literary skills: Anna Treider’s brother, Władysław Ogrodziński, was a respected essayist and writer.
To recall the profile of Anna Treider at the centenary of her birthday, the text of “Kabaret…” has been excerpted from the manuscript, prepared for print, the biographic introduction written and the footnotes added by Karolina Grodziska.

Key words: Cracow, Scientific Library of PAU and PAN in Krakow, Anna Treider, poems,
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Informacje: Rocznik Biblioteki Naukowej PAU i PAN, 2021, s. 161 - 176

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Anna Treider’s “Kabaret pod Zdechłym Kornikiem”


Biblioteka Naukowa PAU i PAN w Krakowie

Publikacja: 2021

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