Zdrowie Publiczne i Zarządzanie

ASPHER in the Ukraine war: An ethical mission

Data publikacji: 2022

Zdrowie Publiczne i Zarządzanie, 2022, Tom 20, Numer 1, s. 11 - 13



Henrique Lopes
Association of School of Public Health of the European Region (ASPHER)
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Since the beginning of the Ukrainian War, ASPHER has been mobilized to provide its best contribution to the search for an immediate and long-term response. The reason for this strong mobilization is that the present war represents a risk of the greatest magnitude to European Health and, inherently, to Public Health in the countries covered by ASPHER.

Efforts have been made in providing scientific and technical advice related to Public Health to reinforce closer cooperation between Schools of Public Health, in particular between those in peripheral countries to the theatre of military operations, and theoretical training, given the near absence of an educational offer from Schools of Public Health (SPH) in this area of knowledge. A Public Health War Roadmap is also under construction.

This article is essentially the closing speech of the Gdansk Meeting promoted by ASPHER together with the local School of Public Health, which seeks to express ASPHER’s position on the war in Ukraine and what, in its opinion, should be done by the SPH.

Key words: public health, Schools of Public Health, public health in wartime, Ukrainian war


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Informacje: Zdrowie Publiczne i Zarządzanie, 2022, s. 11 - 13

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ASPHER in the Ukraine war: An ethical mission


Association of School of Public Health of the European Region (ASPHER)

Publikacja: 2022

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