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L’image de la littérature roumaine dans la Pologne de l’entre-deux-guerres. L’histoire d’un manuscrit inédit

Data publikacji: 2008

Romanica Cracoviensia, Tom 8 (2008), Tom 8, Numer 1, s. 142 - 150


Valentina Marin Curticeanu
Université Spiru Haret Bucarest
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The present paper centers around the discovery – in the Archives of Sciences PAN and PAU of
Kraków – of a document of unique significance authored by Stanisław Łukasik, a Polish researcher in
the field of Romanian culture. The manuscript, written in Romanian, contains a history of Romanian
literature from its origins to the end of the interwar period, namely, 1938.
The paper brings into relief St. Łukasik’s personality and reveals his interest in the Romanian
culture expressed in his representative works in this domain. Moreover, it includes a description of
the manuscript itself, delineating its structure, body and the level of the information content relevant
to literary criticism and history. In addition to being highly valuable to literary studies through its
documentary import, this item of research bears upon the Romanian-Polish cultural relationships
against the backdrop of the general effervescence dominating both countries.
Last but not least, the present paper foregrounds the role the Academic teaching exchanges
are meant to play in the interaction between the two cultures.



Informacje: Romanica Cracoviensia, Tom 8 (2008), s. 142 - 150

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Image of the Romanian literature in the interwar Poland.
History of an unpublished manuscript


Université Spiru Haret Bucarest

Publikacja: 2008

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