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Colonizing Knowledge: New Museology as Museology of News

Data publikacji: 2020

Prace Etnograficzne, 2020, Tom 48 Numer 2, s. 125 - 139



Nikola Krstović
Université de Belgrade
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The paper examines the impact and influence of the Peter Vergo’s book The New Museology and the ways it colonized the knowledge already existing outside United Kingdom. It discusses the concepts that existed before the 1989 book following the development of La Nouvelle Museologie and ecomuseums, ideas spread at conferences, symposiums and round tables, diverse declarations and resolutions. Also, beyond the New there is the narrative of museology itself and its past in the centers outside the “traditional” centers of colonial powers. The paper follows the early development of ideas in East Europe and Poland and the practical solutions recently developed in the country in a relation to British publication.


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Informacje: Prace Etnograficzne, 2020, s. 125 - 139

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Colonizing Knowledge: New Museology as Museology of News


Université de Belgrade

Publikacja: 2020

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