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Digitally Globalized Landscapes. The Evolution of Dataveillance Practices: Digital Distribution and Streaming Platforms

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Przegląd Kulturoznawczy, 2018, s. 562 - 574



Mateusz Felczak Orcid


The study is an analysis of data gathering and data processing practices pertaining major PC digital distribution and streaming platforms, that is Valve’s Steam and Amazon’s Twitch.tv. Selected case studies from diff erent than Western perspectives on gaming culture and the use of technology were introduced to assess the globalized state of the industry. The study consists of three parts: first, it deals with the notion of digital spatiality. Second, it scrutinizes the persuasiveness of the multi-layer visual interfaces. Third, it moves into spaces beyond gameplay and addresses the double nature of modern dataveillance techniques which mediate between the visible and non-visible elements of the analyzed gaming service platforms. The methodological scaff olding of the work is based on digital surveillance studies and software studies approaches rooted in the visual aspect of the GUIs (graphical user interfaces).


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Digitally Globalized Landscapes. The Evolution of Dataveillance Practices: Digital Distribution and Streaming Platforms


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