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Międzysektorowe powiązania produkcyjne Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej z Chinami po wprowadzeniu Cyfrowego Jedwabnego Szlaku

Data publikacji: 12.2023

Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej, 2023, Zeszyt 24, s. 125 - 142



Ewa Cieślik
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu
al. Niepodległości 10 61-875 Poznań, Polska
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Cross-sectoral production links of Central and Eastern Europe with China after the introduction of the Digital Silk Road

China increasingly marks its presence in the global economy through services that enrich traditional manufacturing (servitization of manufacturing). In this article, the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region is analysed in the context of this phenomenon. Because of the ongoing development of the relevant economies, only advanced services were examined, equating these with ICT services. The aim of the article is to assess the share of Chinese ICT services in the industrial production of CEE, in particular in the computer, electronic, and electrical equipment industry after the introduction of the Chinese Digital Silk Road. The study confirms that China is increasingly enriching CEE manufacturing with its services; however, the intensity differs depending on the economy considered.


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Informacje: Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej, 2023, s. 125 - 142

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Cross-sectoral production links of Central and Eastern Europe with China after the introduction of the Digital Silk Road


Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu
al. Niepodległości 10 61-875 Poznań, Polska

Publikacja: 12.2023

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