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Vol 15 (2016) A discussion of a book: Historiografia prasy polskiej (do 1918 roku)... Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 16 (2017) A discussion of a book: Ludwik Fleck. Tradycje – Inspiracje – Interpretacje. Edited by Bożena Płonka-Syroka, Paweł Jarnicki, Bogdan Balicki. Wrocław, Wydawnictwo Fundacji „Projekt Nauka”, 2015, ISBN 978-83-63270-14-8, pp. 313. Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Rydlewski
Vol 15 (2016) A discussion of a book: Maria Skłodowska-Curie i jej kontakty ze środowiskiem krakowskim by Alicja Rafalska-Łasocha Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 15 (2016) A discussion of books: Modi memorandi: Leksykon kultury pamięci by Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar, 2014 and Deutsch-Polnische Erinnerungsorte, Volumes 1–5. Paderborn: Schöningh, 2012–2015 Polsko-niemieckie miejsca pamięci, Abstract   PDF
Michał Kokowski
Vol 17 (2018) A rebuttal of recent arguments for Maragha influence on Copernicus Abstract   PDF
Viktor Blåsjö
Vol 17 (2018) A vacuum to be filled. Central and Eastern Europe in the times of ‘geography without the Germans’ Abstract   PDF
Maciej Górny
Vol 17 (2018) About Marie Skłodowska-Curie on the occasion of her 150th anniversary of the birth Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Alicja Rafalska-Łasocha
Vol 15 (2016) An analysis of a historical report on experiments in physics conducted by the Dominicans in Grodno in 1793 for the Polish king Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Ewa Wyka
Vol 18 (2019) An introduction to the topic of the Working Session “Polish scientific journals from disciplines: «history and philosophy of science» and «science of science» – current challenges” (Kraków, 25 June 2019) and specific proposals for organizational, ... Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 19 (2020) Andrzej Pelczar (1937–2010). „A righteous man of exceptional moral principles”. Online memorial session (2 June 2020, 17.00–20.00) Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Stanisław Domoradzki
Vol 19 (2020) Andrzej Pelczar’s (1937–2010) meetings with the history and philosophy of science Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 19 (2020) Anna Semper (1826–1909) and the female scientist in modern Germany Abstract   PDF
Nathaniel Parker Weston
Vol 15 (2016) Applied geology in the research of Karol Bohdanowicz and his Polish graduates in Siberia at the turn of the 20th century Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej J. Wójcik
Vol 17 (2018) Basic objections to the draft and the adopted Act 2.0 vel the Constitution for science Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 19 (2020) Between pottery and politics? “Slavic archaeology” in communist Poland and East Germany and its interrelations with politics and ideology. A biographical-comparative approach Abstract   PDF
Anne Kluger
Vol 15 (2016) Beyond the center: Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe and their histories. An interview with Professor Michael Gordin conducted by Jan Surman Abstract   PDF
Michael Gordin, Jan Surman
Vol 17 (2018) Bibliography of the works by Piotr Flin (1945–2018), an astronomer and exact sciences historian Abstract   PDF
Michał Kokowski
Vol 17 (2018) Bibliography of the works by Zbigniew Bela (1949–2018), a philologist, prosaist, and pharmacy historian Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 18 (2019) Botany at Stefan Batory University in Vilna (Wilno, Vilnius) (1919–1939) Abstract   PDF
Alicja Zemanek, Piotr Köhler
Vol 15 (2016) Comment on the evaluation procedure of scientific journals presented in the Bill of 6 June 2016 by the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education Proposed changes Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kokowski
Vol 18 (2019) Comments on the paper by Mariusz W. Majewski published in Studia Historiae Scientiarum 17 (2018), pp. 89–117 Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Paweł E. Tomaszewski
Vol 16 (2017) Communist anniversaries as a symphony of power and science (case study of Bulgaria) Abstract   PDF
Ewelina Drzewiecka
Vol 16 (2017) Elements of positivism in the Ukrainian philosophy and culture of the second half of the 19th century Abstract   PDF
Vyacheslav Artyukh
Vol 16 (2017) Éloge to Robert Fox Abstract   PDF
Efthymios Nicolaidis
Vol 19 (2020) Engineering interests and inventions of Isaac Newton Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jacek Rodzeń
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