Doświadczanie czasu: zmiany rozwojowe w zakresie związku kształtu drogi i szacowanego czasu potrzebnego na jej przebycie

Beata Winnicka


Perception of time: developmental changes in relationship between a road’s shape and estimated time needed to travel it

Piaget’s studies on velocity, time and distance concept initiated the debate in developmental psychology on dependence of the time needed to travel a road on the road. Roads were straight lines in research that have been done till now. The present article discusses the problem of dependence of estimation of time needed to travel a road on the road’s shape. Children (ages 3 to 15) who were tested, marked time they thought was necessary to travel one of eight given roads on a special clock. The given roads were differentiated regarding shape or/and length. Developmental changes that were observed in the time estimation were: noticing that changing the shape of a road doesn’t mean changing the road’s length, regarding difficulties in traveling a road in increasing degree as well as extending time needed for traveling a road along with increased complication of the road’s shape. The influence of length on the outcome of the research was greater than the influence of the shape.

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