Remnants of water forms and facilities in the area of Kraków on a selected example

Urszula Nowacka-Rejzner


The aim of this article is to present, on a selected example, the problems pertaining to the areas of valuable natural and cultural assets which are being absorbed by the ever-growing urban fabric. Prądnik Czerwony – a district of Kraków, has been selected as an example for the above presentation. The boundaries of this district encompass the areas that in the past used to be parts of three historic villages – Prądnik Czerwony, Olsza and Rakowice, and they still have some preserved facilities of considerable natural and cultural value. The article discusses the spatial transformations of these areas. Special emphasis has been put on the monuments of technological culture that have been preserved in the area of the district and on the principles of their conservation in the urban planning documents valid for this area.

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Kraków – Prądnik Czerwony, Żabi Młyn, Młyn Rakowicki, leats

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