European roots in South-African architecture and infrastructure of Stellenbosch

Lidia Żakowska


Architectural design, as well as urban and transport planning in the Southern Cape of Africa is based, unlike in other African countries, on the European history of urbanism and architecture and on the European cultural and social roots. The very special place in the Southern African history belongs to the oldest city of the Cape region, Stellenbosch. The unique character of Stellenbosch city urban plan and architecture is an effect of over three centuries of the European settlement in the fruitful valley departed from the continent with high mountains. Now the traditions and heritage of the white culture are kept and the monuments of architecture are restored in the whole Stellenbosch valley, in line with building a new democracy and with a dynamic regional development. This paper presents a wide scope of spatial development in Stellenbosch area in relation to regional history, culture, geography, environment and transportation, sociology as well as safety of infrastructure users.

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European roots, urban planning, architectural detail, South Africa, Stellenbosch

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