The city ‒ a political (non) idea and a politicides structure

Rafał Blazy


This article strives to give a polemical response to the theses occurring in contemporary Polish publications on the theory of urbanism. The presented text emerged from the clash between the visions, theses and opinions presented in the aforementioned publications and the vision of the city that has been absorbed and assimilated by the author from his distinguished professors of the Institute of City and Regional Planning of the Faculty of Architecture at Cracow University of Technology. The author focuses on addressing the thesis that “the city is a political idea”. On the basis of some examples the author demonstrates in the text that the city is not a political idea, but a structure within which politics is made.

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city as a political idea, city as a politicised structure, politics, theory of city planning, theory of urbanism, theory of spatial planning, city philosophy, city as a community

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