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Instructions for authors

Guidelines for Authors

Manuscript submission. Papers are submitted for publication by sending electronic version of the manuscript (in pdf file) to krzysztof.misztal@ii.uj.edu.pl

Form of manuscript. The exclusive language of the journal is English.

The text should be prepared in TeX/LaTeX system. We encourage authors to follow the guidelines and patterns as by the typeset of the final electronic version.

Final electronic version. Upon acceptance of the paper, the author will be asked to submit the electronic version, prepared with TeX/LaTeX. 

The final electronic version should contain: source (input) files, e.g.
TEX files for the text, PS or EPS files for figures, as well as final DVI, PS or PDF files. Non-standard styles, macro-definitions, or fonts should be also provided.

Files can be sent via e-mail (krzysztof.misztal@ii.uj.edu.pl) in the form of compressed attachments.

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No publishing fees

Journal does not request any article subsmission, review, publication and processing charges.