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Estimation of age from digital chest radiographs in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Data publikacji: 08.05.2023

Problems of Forensic Sciences (Z Zagadnień Nauk Sądowych), 2022, 132, s. 229 - 239



Shama Patyal
Lovely Professional University
Jallandhar, India, Indie
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Tejasvi Pandey
Lovely Professional University
Jallandhar, India, Indie
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In forensic investigations estimation of age is a crucial part. Age estimation assists in narrow downing the search possibilities in the case of unidentified bodies and living individuals, it can also help in the determination of preparators and deciding the penalty for any criminal liability. Different body parts are often investigated at the crime scene, so estimating the age using different areas of the body is important. Hence, we conducted this study for age estimation from costal cartilage calcification. Only posterior-anterior (PA) digital chest radiographs are taken, and the first rib of the left side is evaluated. The degree of calcification and age showed a positive correlation; similarly, the value of Spearman’s rho showed significant results (for the whole sample =0.914, p < 0.01 (for male subjects was =0.925, p < 0.01. For females was =0.905, p < 0.01). The degree of calcification is useful in estimating age groups and becomes more determined with advancing age. Prediction of age using the radiological method gives the advantages of ease, inexpensiveness, rapidity, and high accuracy. In developing countries, this type of study will be very useful because infrastructure and lack of sources are major issues. The article provides a non-destructive method of age estimation in a forensic context that may act as a preliminary method of age estimation in mass disasters and dismembered bodies when a thoracic cage is only present.


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Estimation of age from digital chest radiographs in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh


Lovely Professional University
Jallandhar, India, Indie

Lovely Professional University
Jallandhar, India, Indie

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Patyal S, Pandey T.

Estimation of age from digital chest radiographs in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

. Problems of Forensic Sciences (Z Zagadnień Nauk Sądowych). 2023;2022 (132): 229-239