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Architektura Zeszyt 3 A (3) 2014 13th Istanbul Biennial Abstrakt   PDF
Ewa Gołogórska-Kucia
Architektura Zeszyt 4-A (13) 2012 22@Barcelona – the city of knowledge civilization Abstrakt   PDF
Mateusz Gyurkovich
Elektrotechnika Zeszyt 1-M (2) 2016 25 kV AC railway line within 3 kV DC infrastructure in Poland – analysis of operating conditions Abstrakt   PDF
Adam Szeląg
Architektura Zeszyt 11-A (22) 2015 3D computer modelling of architectural details based on the modern BIM inventory systems Abstrakt   PDF
Farid Nassery, Andrzej Zieliński
Budownictwo Zeszyt 2-B (6) 2014 A calculation proposal of labour time input when concreting in difficult atmospheric conditions Abstrakt   PDF
Beata Grzyl, Adam Kristowski
Budownictwo Zeszyt 1-B (11) 2015 A comfort comparison of a foam seat against a seat with an auxetic spring skeleton Abstrakt   PDF
Małgorzata Janus-Michalska, Dorota Jasińska
Mechanika Zeszyt 2-M (3) 2016 A comparative analysis methodology of calculation of strength tubesheets by european standards and guidelines for UDT Abstrakt   PDF
Aneta Celarek, Jan Talaga
Budownictwo Zeszyt 2-B (12) 2015 A comparative study of along-wind and crosswind responses of steel chimneys according to Polish and Eurocode standards Abstrakt   PDF
Tomasz Lipecki, Jarosław Bęc, Paulina Jamińska
Mechanika Zeszyt 1-M (1) 2016 A Comparison of Hydrodynamic Models of Different Hybrid, Fluidised-Bed Bioreactors Abstrakt   PDF
Dominika Boroń, Jakub Szyman
Mechanika Zeszyt 1-M (1) 2016 A Comparison of Hydrodynamic Models of Different Hybrid, Fluidised-Bed Bioreactors Abstrakt   PDF
Dominika Boroń, Jakub Szyman
Automatyka Zeszyt 3-AC (11) 2013 A comparison of SW/HW implementations of stream cipher encoders Abstrakt   PDF
Zbigniew Kokosiński, Sławomir Wójcik
Budownictwo Zeszyt 2-B (6) 2014 A concept of an integrated construction planning system involving location-based scheduling technique Abstrakt   PDF
Anna Krawczyńska-Piechna
Budownictwo Zeszyt 2-B (6) 2014 A concise review of methods of construction works duration assesment Abstrakt   PDF
Michał Juszczyk
Architektura Zeszyt 2 A (2) 2014 A decrease in the “attractiveness” of urban space in nedium size towns – selected spatial and social aspects Abstrakt   PDF
Krystyna Paprzyca
Nauki Podstawowe Zeszyt 1-NP (18) 2012 A family of goodness-of-fit tests for the Cauchy distribution Abstrakt   PDF
Agnieszka Pudełko
Nauki Podstawowe Zeszyt 2-NP (20) 2015 A few facts concerning the outstanding Polish mathematician Franciszek Leja Abstrakt   PDF
Marta Kosek
Architektura Zeszyt 6-A (9) 2015 A few reflections about monument conservation sketched with an architecture historian’s pen in other words between Bremerhaven, Paris and Glasgow Abstrakt   PDF
Zdzisława Tołłoczko
Nauki Podstawowe Zeszyt 1-NP (19) 2015 A generalisation of the Chirka-Sadullaev theorem for complex manifolds Abstrakt   PDF
Małgorzata Zajęcka
Architektura Zeszyt 10 A (23) 2014 A house and a territory. Ideas, values, strategies Abstrakt   PDF
Zbigniew Zuziak
Automatyka Zeszyt 1-AC (25) 2012 A hybrid algorithm for probabilistic traveling salesman problem Abstrakt   PDF
Kazimierz Kiełkowicz, Zbigniew Kokosiński
Budownictwo Zeszyt 3-B (8) 2014 A model of infiltrating air flow and its distribution in a room with a double skin façade Abstrakt   PDF
Dariusz Heim, Marcin Janicki, Ewelina Kubacka
Mechanika Zeszyt 2-M (7) 2015 A modular system for support of experiments in text classification Abstrakt   PDF
Michal Ptaszynski
Architektura Zeszyt 8 A 2014 A moisture transfer in external walls with natural stone cladding glued directly to thermal insulation layer Abstrakt   PDF
Aleksander Byrdy
Nauki Podstawowe Zeszyt 3 NP (17) 2014 A new approach to bounded linear operators on C(ω*) Abstrakt   PDF
Magdalena Grzech
Architektura Zeszyt 2-A (7) 2013 A new polish architecture after the political and economical changes in 1989 towards critical regionalism Abstrakt   PDF
Krystyna Januszkiewicz
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