Burial Mound in Karniowice – a structure of the 21st century, part 1

Marek Kamieniarz


This paper discusses an unconventional final resting place called a burial mound, built in Karniowice near Trzebinia. This is the first such structure in Poland and Europe which fulfils both sacral functions for celebrating masses and predominantly acts as a burial place of the dead. The aim of the construction was to limit the cemetery area, which constitutes a significant worldwide precursor in the field. The burial mound gives, in comparison with the traditional cemetery, a 30-fold saving of space and after special treatment that will mineralize bodies, as much as 100-fold: 1 600 burials in five ares of land. This unique structure can be a good future option to build cemeteries in cities where there is not enough space in the existing ones. Because of its uniqueness and prototype character, only the design basis has been presented, which in the construction phase was partially modified. The changes will be described in detail in Part 2.

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burial mound

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