Dispersion Kinetics Modelling

Pavel Ditl, Radek Šulc


Stirred tanks for dispersion, the pre-dispersion of two immiscible liquids or particulate solidliquid suspension are extensively used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries, for purposes such as suspension/emulsion polymerisation, heterogeneous/phase-transfer catalytic chemical reactions, paint production and hydrometallurgical solvent extraction. The aim of this paper is to propose the simple dispersion model enabling the prediction of particle size changes over time and taking into account the type of breakup mechanisms, the non-homogeneity of local turbulent energy dissipation rate in an agitated vessel and the effect of the number of times the liquid passes through the impeller and the impeller zone. The model was successfully tested on data published by Ditl et al. (1981).

Słowa kluczowe

dispersion kinetics modelling, solid particle-liquid dispersion, tooth impeller

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