Centres in suburban zones – the form and accessibility

Tomasz Bajwoluk


The dynamic growth of suburban zones in recent years has revealed a considerable diversification of functionalspatial structure of these areas, which is the result inter alia of local conditions, including the scale of the previously existing development. To a certain extent, the growth potential of suburban areas depends on whether they are ready to change and adapt to new functions. Some of them are locations housing diversified functional complexes which may in the future become a new form of ‘a suburban zone centre’. Of course, they must fulfil certain criteria of an attractive form and accessibility, but also of a certain functional specialisation adjusted to the specific character of a given place, its surroundings and the target user group. The aim of this article is to show a certain trend in developing some selected areas of the suburban zone – constituting the centres of various economic activities, which will allow identification of the most characteristic tendencies in their location, size, function and form.

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suburban zone, centre, transport, spatial form

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