Beton – Concrete – the design of public spaces in terms of material and technology energy efficiency

Paweł Mika


Based on executions of contemporary designs in the field of landscape architecture, an attempt has been made in the following article to identify the properties of concrete which can help reduce energy consumption throughout the life cycle of a building and its immediate surroundings. The projects selected for the analysis included such urban public spaces as parks, squares, plazas and passageways, where the basic material, determining their aesthetic appeal, is concrete. To provide the widest possible range of issues discussed, construction works located in different climatic zones have been chosen. The properties of the material described in the text have been compiled with the exemplary executions of designs, depicting a creative approach to issues related not only to functionality and aesthetics but also to energy efficiency of the applied solutions.

Słowa kluczowe

landscape architecture, prefabrication, concrete, sustainable construction

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