New methods and design tools as a basis for creating a sustainable built environment

Beata Majerska-Pałubicka


Searching for harmony between a built and natural environment requires, quoting the demand of the National AIA Convention from 2011, “an innovative approach towards planning, designing and building as well as an evolutionary or revolutionary approach towards practice, cooperation and partnership”. It is possible by the Integrated Design Process (IDP) method, which involves clear specifying of: What (in the context of sustainable development), Who (in the context of team composition and cooperation between its members) and When (in the context of process stages completion) things should be done in the design process. The aim of the paper is to present: the method, basic principles of IDP implementation, co-operation in a team and crucial differences between IDP and the traditional design process, as well as an analysis of general rules to be observed by a design team.

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sustainable built environment, Integrated Design Process, digital design tools

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